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Steps to make a doctor’s appointment

Making a doctor’s appointment can be easy if you know what to do and what to expect when you call. Here are the steps that will make it easy for you to set up an appointment. Know if you have health insurance – If you do not have health insurance, find a clinic (link to […]

What to expect at my doctor’s visit?

There are some things that you can expect to happen at your doctor’s visit. You will check in or register. If you have insurance, you will have to show your insurance card. You will then complete some paperwork. A nurse or medical assistant will take you back to a private area. He or she will take […]

Why should sexual & reproductive health be important to you?

However you identify… Whether you are male, female or transgender, Gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, questioning or straight, Whether you are sexually active now or have never been in a relationship The information you’re going to hear is important. It may be relevant right now or 5 years from now depending on you and your choices. […]

Questions to ask the doctor

During your visit with your healthcare provider, you should feel comfortable asking any questions. Being open and honest with your healthcare provider about your body and any issues you have, can help your healthcare provider give you better care and advice. This is your healthcare provider’s  job, so do not be afraid to ask. What […]

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